Our Range


From puff pastry and other doughs-based recipes, shells, cassolettes to others creative options, including snacking,

Primel Gastronomie offers a wide range of gourmet products.

Ready meals

Designing truly indulgent ready meals recipes is the core expertise of Primel Gastronomie’s chefs.

Our offer includes completes dishes and side dishes, from everyday recipes to seasonal specials.

Primel Gastronomie’s chefs are enhancing French traditional cuisine as well as world food cuisine and snacking options.


Sweet treats lovers will also fall for Primel Gastronomie’s desserts, which tastes will delight the most demanding palates.

Plant-based, vegetarian and vegan range

Primel Gastronomie offers a wide range of plant-based recipes, meat substitutes and alternatives aiming to meet consumers expectations.

Discover our complementary ranges

In addition, explore the minis range from PRIMEL TRAITEUR
and the artisanal desserts range from TERRE D’EMBRUNS.

Our cocktail and petits fours range

Mini size but maxi taste is the commitment of Primel Traiteur’s premium frozen mini bites!

Our mini appetizers and hors d’oeuvres range is design for the taste buds of true food connoisseurs. Designed by haute cuisine chefs, these delicious, ready-to-serve appetizers are perfect for saving time.

Our miniatures desserts range is ideal for serving up at receptions or with coffee after a meal. Using premium ingredients, Primel Traiteur’s chefs are constantly innovating and re-imagining classic French pastries.

Our traditional desserts range

For even more indulgence, fall for the artisanal savoir-faire of Terre d’Embruns, biscuits, tarts and other desserts manufacturer, in Brest since 2007.